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Spotlight on: GoodWe GW2500-BP energy storage system

This price is for 5Kwh battery storage fully fitted

We also do 7.5Kwh and 10kWh


£4500, over 60 months, will cost you £83.12 a month.

£4500, over 120 months, will cost you £45.82 a month.

Typical APR of 4.2%


£4500, over 60 months, will cost you £94.46 a month.

£4500, over 120 months, will cost you £58.17 a month.

Typical APR of 9.9%

We are an FCA approved company

Who Is GoodWe?

GoodWe (Jiangsu ) Power Supply Technology Co. Ltd, is a renewable energy enterprise. Focusing on the technical development and manufacture of solar PV inverters and related monitoring solutions, GoodWe is dedicated to providing high quality, service and cost effective products that consider the needs of the end-user and installer respectively. Recently, GoodWe has developed a range of battery storage solutions that are compatible with most inverters to help consumers use more of the electricity that is generated through their PV systems.

GoodWe Announces Full Compatibility With LG Battery Packs

Waxman Energy partner and manufacturer of innovative ES and BP series inverters, GoodWe, has announced product compatibility with the LG RESU 6.4 EX 6.4kWh battery pack, after successfully passing a series of rigorous tests. These tests spanned over a period of three months at GoodWe’s Suzhu head-quarters in China.

Don’t Sell It, Store It!

The Feed in Tariff (FiT) has been in the eye of the media over recent months due to Governmental cuts that threaten its future. The Department of Energy and Climate Change propose that by 2020 the domestic FiT will cease to exist, with degression driving down the monetary incentive for solar PV installation in commercial and residential sectors. This, combined with the rising cost of grid generated energy, means that people are looking for lucrative alternatives to make solar PV worth their while. Solar energy storage could be the solution.

Spotlight On: GoodWe GW2500-BP Energy Storage System

What Is The GoodWe GW2500-BP Energy Storage System?

The GoodWe GW2500-BP has been developed for compatibility with most inverters and existing solar PV systems, making it the ideal solution for new and existing owners. It helps to increase energy yield for customers, making their return on investment faster and because it increases self consumption, grid dependence is reduced. Launched to minimise the impact of Feed-in Tariff changes that come into force in 2016, the GW2500-BP means that self-consumption will prevent the instance of end-users having to buy back the solar generated energy that has been fed to the grid.

The Benefits

  • Retrofit – Install the GoodWe GW2500-BP for existing customers, who currently use a PV system, offering them further customer support and value.
  • Compatibility – The GoodWe energy storage system is compatible with any brand of existing grid-tied inverters, meaning that practically all PV systems can benefit from higher energy yield.
  • Easy install – Being small and lightweight the GQ2500-BP is easy to install so your customers can take advantage of the energy they generate, almost instantly.
  • Increase ROI – With the ability to generate and use solar PV energy, end-users will benefit from a faster return on investment.

According to GoodWe, the self-consumption ratio of an on-grid inverter is 20%, which means that 80% electricity is fed back to the grid. The consumer, therefore, potentially has to buy back from the grid up to 80% of the electricity they have exported.

Future Energy Solutions can offer the GoodWe GW2500-BP today, with prices of £3,999 fully installed. For more information about the GoodWe GW2500-BP please get in touch with our knowledgeable team on 01254 433456

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