Commercial Pv

Commercial Pv Sector

Commercial Pv systems offer a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reduce electricity spend and generate an additional income. Future Energy Solutions have already helped companies across the length and breadth of the country to protect themselves against energy price rises and gain a competitive edge against competitors.

Every system from Future Energy Solutions specialist commercial Pv team is designed from scratch, ensuring your business will receive the greatest return on investment, and that the system meets your budget and requirements.

Electricity prices have been rising year-on-year, a solar Commercial PV system will protect your business against future increases, stabilising your company’s outgoings for the future.

A Commercial Pv system from Future Energy Solutions will:

Convert your unused roof space into an extra stream of income

Gain your business an advantage over competitors

Produce returns of up to 15% for 20 years, guaranteed by the government and linked to inflation

Display your company’s green credentials to clients and reduce carbon emissions

Reduce running costs and defend against future energy price increases

In many sectors, ISO 14001 is now a prerequisite for many tenders, and a solar PV system will compliment your environmental management plan perfectly.

Installing a solar photovoltaic system is no longer purely an environmental decision. With strong returns and an income from a government scheme that will, given a little time, repay the cost of the system and more, many of our commercial clients install solar PV as a purely financial decision.

Extensive Experience

Whether your business is large or small, here at Future Energy Solutions we can design a system within your budget to suit your needs. As one of the UK’s leading providers of solar energy solutions, Future Energy Solutions will provide the very best available technical and innovative solutions, tailored to the particular needs and circumstances of the business.

Future Energy Solutions only use trusted installers with an excellent reputation in the industry. Throughout the years the company and our strategically placed installers, have accumulated a vast national existing customer base consisting of thousands of installations. This experience has enabled Future Energy Solutions to develop vast specialist knowledge of how to best integrate solar technology into an extremely wide range of buildings.

Detailed Performance & Income Predictions

Following a short site-survey and meeting to discuss your company’s requirements Future Energy Solutions will provide you with an in depth report of the costs and savings you can expect from your system. All monetary predictions are calculated to industry guidelines and approved prior to your receipt.