Infrared Heating Panels Case Studies

Far Infrared Heating Panels Case Studies


We were called in by Tufties Hair & Beauty Salon as they were struggling to heat the building. The property is a converted public house that is grade 2 listed and covers 3 floors. The windows are all single glazed and therefore lose heat. They had 1 thermostatically controlled system that heated all 3 floors simultaneously. As we all know heat rises and even though the upstairs was in parts warm, the heat was still on as downstairs was dictating the heat. There are many small rooms that all had radiators in, but the rooms were still cold. The single glazing played a big part of this as the small radiators could not keep up. Even though the rooms were cold the customer was still paying over £3000 per quarter trying to heat the building.

They contacted us to find a solution to their problem. We looked at there issues and recommended Far Infrared Heating Panels. We looked around and came up with a solution to all the problems they had. We separated all the rooms so they are now thermostatically controlled from each room so as not to have heating on when it wasn’t needed. We positioned different panels in different rooms to work with the rooms as not only heating devices but functional items for the business.

Cutting Room


We fitted 3 x 300w mirrors in the cutting rooms. This room has 1 big single pained glass window that was drawing all the heat. The customer wanted it to stay as a hidden heat and not impact upon the room. This was achieved from the 3 mirrors positioned side by side as cutting mirrors


A black glass 450w panel on the roof of the spray tan booth. Black was chosen as the room gets covered in a dark spray that stains the room. The panel is directly above the area the customer would get changed. This was the coldest room in the building as it was a damp outside wall. This has stopped the damp and also warmed the customers when they are in a state of undress.


We fitted a 450w mirror into the waxing room. This room is a very small room but again was very cold even though the radiator was on full. The mirror makes the room look bigger and also heats the room at the times required


We fitted 2 x 2400w bar heaters in the main salon. This was a large room split into 2 parts and had single glass both sides with a front and back door that was constantly being opened and letting heat out that had been building up all day, therefore meaning the gas boiler was working overtime to keep up.The system gives the customer the facility to use on full power, 75%,50%,25% heat settings as required. They can also turn the heat on for 2,4,6 or 8 hours meaning the heat would never get left on by mistake. These panels and bar heaters take care of the ground floor.


Upstairs there is a large nail bar and separate rooms that are massage rooms. The nail bar has 4 large single pained glass windows along the whole room thus stopping it retaining the heat in the room. We positioned 2 x 1200w plain white panels at either end of the room so all the long room would be heated.


Then we fitted 2 x 450w mirrors into the massage rooms. In this room the walls where the mirrors needed to go had no electric points so we had to run new points without impeding the grade 2 listed wooden ceilings. These mirrors work in unison from the wall mounted digital thermostatic control.


In total we installed 10kw of Far Infrared Heating Panels but as these are set on thermostatic controls they will average running at 5kwh per hour for an average of 8
hours a day 5.5 days a week
This totals 45 hours a week times 5kwh = 220Kwh’s per week to heat the building
As the customer pays 0.11p per kwh they will spend £24 per week to heat the building
If they need the heat on for 9 months of the year they will spend around £1000 per year to heat the building
Compare this to the £3000 per quarter they were currently spending.
So we have solved the customers problems of heating the building and is saving them up to £10,000 per year in heating costs.
There are no services required to the boiler, no leaks from pipes and look fantastic to boot
These heating panels will work for all businesses that want to reduce their heating costs and solve those issues of retaining heat
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